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– Clean carbohydrate complex:  Sweet potato, rolled oats, quinoa, low sugar maltodextrin.
– Mass gain formula with added BCAAs, creatine, whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate. 
– Perfect for in between meals, pre and post training.
– Recover, repair, improve. 

6kg / 20 or 40 servings
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CRUCIAL MASS is a high-calorie, premium weight gaining formula containing key ingredients which are needed to help the body gain quality muscle and weight, alongside a healthy weight-training regime.

Gaining weight can be a difficult task for many athletes and added size and muscle mass can be a huge advantage in certain roles in many sports. By using a clean carbohydrate formula with key ingredients such as sweet potato, quinoa, oats, maltodextrin, and premium protein powders (such as whey protein concentrate, and whey protein isolate), we believe that we have created the ultimate mass gain formula. Our premium mass gaining formula delivers 1225 calories per serving with added BCAAs to help recovery and added creatine monohydrate to help increase performance.

Quality, effectiveness and convenience are key in this carefully formulated instantised ready to mix and drink shake. This product is ideal for post workout, pre workout, and in between meals to increase your daily, weekly, monthly calorie intake, helping you add quality calories to put your diet in a calorie surplus to help gain body weight and muscle mass.

We recommend that you get the correct nutritional advice from an expert in the field of sport you are participating in. You should calorie count and know how many calories you need to consume daily to both maintain and gain weight, then add adequate servings of Crucial Mass to your daily diet to help you achieve the correct calorie intake. As each person differs in body type, calorie consumption will vary depending on bodyweight and muscle-mass goals.

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