Native Strength and Iron Nutrition Dreamcatcher Sleep Aid – Cherry and Hibiscus


With this New Sleep aid ,Containing All natural ingredients , Such as high dose Zylaria, Passion flower Hibiscus tea, You will experience a deep refreshing sleep, waking feeling refreshed and stress free.

Cherry and Hibiscus Flavour Hot Tea

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No matter how hard you train , how good your diet is, you won’t grow if you don’t recover. DreamCatcher will aid a deep restful sleep. Drink, relax, drift off to an intense deep refreshing sleep, dream the night away and wake up refreshed and bright. Lowering cortisol, aiding muscle growth and helping resist fat gain.  
1 scoop mixed in hot water, consumed 15 minutes prior to bed, as a calming bed time hot tea drink.

Dreamcatchers natural ingredients will leave you alert with no crash or foggy head, just vivid dreams and a refreshed feeling, Calming, Relaxed and Stress free.


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