Restore is King Supps flagship product, designed to finally provide you with a complete recovery supplement that tastes great, is stacked high with quality ingredients and is affordable!

– Full Spectrum EAAs to promote muscle recovery

– Loaded with 5g of Leucine

– Immune System Support to keep you fighting fit

–¬†Electrolytes¬†to keep you hydrated

– Collagen to strengthen skin, bones and ligament

– Astragin to support uptake into the body

Serving Size: 20g (30 Servings Per Tub)



Recommended Use: Mix 1 large scoop with 500-600ml of cold water and drink during your workout.

For Best Results: Add 2-4 scoops to 1-2L of water and drink throughout the day.

Nutritional Information: (Per 20g Serving)

5g Leucine
2g Isoleucine
2g Valine
650mg Lysine
325mg Histidine
325mg Methionine
325mg Phenylalanine
325mg Threonine
50mg Tryptophan

3g Glutamine
1g Beta Alanine
50mg Astragin

2g Citrulline Malate
2g Collagen
250mg Vitamin A
250mg Vitamin C
50mg Vitamin B6
50mg Vitamin B12
100mg Calcium

100mg Sodium
200mg Potassium

Additional information

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Watermelon, Pineapple


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